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Happy 10th Anniversary to this Blog, Timely-Atlas-Comics!!!!


A happy 10th anniversary to this blog, Timely-Atlas-Comics, launched a decade ago on December 26, 2010, with my long interview with Timely's Marion Sitton!

10 years? Is that even possible? When I began this, I wanted a place to compile and discuss all the history and data pertaining to the long publishing career of Martin Goodman, focusing, naturally, on his Timely and Atlas line of comics books, and expanding into all his ancillary publishing lines and formats. About mid-way through the decade I made a decision to use the blog to really just write about "anything" I was interested in, so the topics veered to Peanuts in Comic Books, general comics history, the long history of the New York Daily News and Sunday Comics (and individual creators), science fiction, Jazz, historical events, keeping almost all of them tenuously connected to comics in some capacity. The end result are, as of this last post here, 65 posts and about 630,136 page views. Lengths of posts varied depending on how I felt at the time and how much time I actually had. They could be brief spasms of data to all-encompassing career retrospectives utilizing hundreds of scans! 

I don't want to make this a long post. It's just a celebration of a decade's worth of my own interests and obsessions. I'll outline below what I've covered and then, to make it easy for anyone interested, provide clickable links to all the posts, as blogger doesn't seem to provide a full listing on the right side, and the result is older posts have to be searched out, buried under month/year designations. 

Timely/Atlas Comics creators:

  • Marion Sitton
  • Bill Everett
  • Louise Altson
  • Gene Colan
  • Jerry Robinson
  • Joe Simon
  • Allen Bellman
  • Carmine Infantino
  • Stan Goldberg
  • Augie Scotto
  • Carl Burgos
  • Jack Kirby
  • Stan Lee
  • Joe Maneely
  • Vince Fago


  • Fredric Wertham
  • Flo Steinberg
  • Charles H. King
  • Art Tatum
  • Joseph Kugelmass
  • Jackie Gleason
  • Marilyn Monroe

New York Daily News and Sunday Comics History
  • Personal Overview
  • 1962-63 NYC Newspaper Strike
  • Closer Than We Think!
  • Davy Crockett (Jack Kirby)
  • 40th Anniversary of the 1978 NYC Newspaper Strike
  • 100th Anniversary of the New York Daily News
  • 100th Anniversary of Harold Teen by Carl Ed
  • 50th Anniversary of the 1969 MIracle Mets
  • 65th Anniversary of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodger World Series Victory
  • 100th Anniversary of Winnie Winkle by Martin Branner

And all the rest...

  • Peanuts in Comics
  • Atlas Erratta
  • Goodman Crime Digests
  • Goodman Painted Cover Detective Magazines
  • Best Love
  • Complete Mystery
  • Amazing Detective Cases
  • Pearl Harbor
  • D-Day
  • USA Comics
  • Venus
  • Girl Comics
  • Menace
  • Pulp Exhibition
  • History of Atlas War Comics
  • Secret History of Marvel Comics
  • Atlas At War

 The Posts (65)

  1. Marion Sitton - The Interview
  2. Marion Sitton - The Comic Strips and Panels
  3. Marion Sitton - The Timely Years
  4. Marion Sitton - Avon, Close-Up, Fawcett, Fox, Hillman & Quality
  5. Marion Sitton - The Atlas Years
  6. Marion Sitton - The World's Greatest Crayon Artist
  7. Marion Sitton - The Commissions
  8. Amazing Detective Cases
  9. Complete Mystery
  10. Frederic Wertham, Censorship, and the Timely Anti-Wertham Editorials (Part 1)
  11. Frederic Wertham, Censorship, and the Timely Anti-Wertham Editorials (Part 2)
  12. Bill Everett - The Timely Romance Stories
  13. Bill Everett - The Atlas Romance Stories
  14. Louise Altson (1910-2010)
  15. Gene Colan (1926-2011) - The Timely Years
  16. Surprise Announcement - The Secret History of Marvel Comics
  17. Best Western
  18. Jerry Robinson & Joe Simon
  19. USA Comics Vol 2 Golden-Age Masterworks
  20. Peanuts - A Comic Book History
  21. Allen Bellman - The Interview
  22. Pulp Art Exhibition at Syracuse University NYC Lubin House
  23. Jerry Robinson (1922-2011) - The Timely Years
  24. Marion Sitton (1920-2012)
  25. Carmine Infantino (1925-2013) - The Timely Years
  26. A History of Atlas War Comics (1950-1960)
  27. Art Tatum (1909-1956) - The World's Greatest Jazz Pianist
  28. Noel Sickles (1910-1982) - The Writer's Digest Illustrations
  29. Venus Vol 1 Atlas Era Masterworks, Issues #1-9
  30. Girl Comics #1-12 (Oct/49 - Jan/52)
  31. Menace #1-11 (Mar/53 - May/54)
  32. Martin Goodman - The Marilyn Monroe Covers, Articles and Photo Features
  33. Martin Goodman - The Crime Digest Paperbacks
  34. Stan Goldberg (1932-2014)
  35. "Adventures in Time and Space" - A Classic Science Fiction Anthology
  36. Martin Goodman - The True-Crime Detective Magazine Covers
  37. The First "Stag" and the Original Kugelmass Episode
  38. Tales From the New York Daily News Sunday Comics #1
  39. "We're Back!" - The 1962-1963 NYC Newspaper Strike and the Return of the Sunday Comics
  40. Best Love - A Pulp? A Comic? It's Both!
  41. Happy 100th Birthday to "The Great One," Jackie Gleason
  42. Augie Scotto (1926-2016)
  43. Happy 100th Birthday to Carl Burgos
  44. Allen Bellman - The Brooklyn Eagle (1938-1940)
  45. Atlas Errata - Cover Alterations and Unpublished Implosion Inventory
  46. "A Date Which Will Live in Infamy" - December 7, 1941
  47. "Fabulous" Flo Steinberg - (1939-2017)
  48. Happy 100th Birthday to Jack Kirby - The Timely Years
  49. Charles H. King (1934-2017)
  50. "We Wish You a Maneely Christmas and a Happy New Year!"
  51. Jack Kirby is Where You Find it! - Tales from the New York Sunday News Comics
  52. "Closer Than We Think!" by Arthur Radebaugh - Tales From the New York Sunday News Comics
  53. 40th Anniversary of the 1978 NYC Newspaper Strike and the Interim Strike Newspapers
  54. Stan Lee (1922-2018) - The Timely Years
  55. "We Wish You a Fago Christmas and a Happy New Year!"
  56. Happy 100th Anniversary to "Harold Teen" by Carl Ed
  57. 75th Anniversary of D-Day - 3 Atlas War Stories
  58. Happy 100th Anniversary to the New York Daily News
  59. Happy 50th Anniversary to the 1969 "Miracle Mets!"
  60. Allen Bellman (1924-2020)
  61. Allen Bellman - Timely Revisted, 2018 Interview
  62. "Atlas at War" - The Interviews
  63. This is Next Year! - The Brooklyn Dodgers Win the 1955 World Series
  64. Happy 100th Anniversary to "Winnie Winkle."
  65. Happy 10th Anniversary to this Blog, Timely-Atlas-Comics!!!!

And to all of the readers who have supported this blog, a big Thank You!


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